Optimize your processes and boost your revenue with NumbersOnline!

NumbersOnline is a real time platform, powered by TelServ, that delivers numbers in 145+ countries. This highly innovated innovative platform is built on compliance guarantees and anti fraud capabilities to support your business globally!

Be in full control and serve your customers 24/7. With instant processing of your request, you will increase customer satisfaction, optimize your processes and boost revenues. The Management Dashboard provides you with management information and enables you to monitor and report on real time data.

Please see our demo movie right here.

TelServ supplies geographical numbers, 0800, 0900, service numbers and premium rate numbers worldwide

Reliable, full service customized offers, clear communication, and above all: quick and transparent outpayments. This is how TelServ serves its satisfied customers in more than 145 countries all over the world.

As one of the biggest players on the global telecom market, TelServ supplies numbers to Telco’s (telecom companies), Resellers, Micropayment companies and Corporate multinationals worldwide. TelServ’s delivers Domestic Premium Rate Numbers, GEO numbers – DIDs, Freephone – Toll-Free – IFTS, Uiversal Freephone – UIFN.

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