Shared Cost Numbers

Shared Cost numbers give your business a professional look and feel and the impression that your company operates on a bigger scale.

Shared Cost numbers are billed both to the end consumer and the businesses that utilise them. This number type is less expensive for the business to use than a traditional Free Phone number, but also cheaper for the consumer to call than a more expensive Premium Rate number.

Most Shared Cost numbers do not have a tariff-announcement or maximum call duration. That makes these numbers the ideal solution for conference calling, helpdesk, and callcenters.


If you are interested in using our Shared Cost services, please contact our Sales Office for the details.

"Telserv’s portal and full API set provides Colt (and its customers) with an inventory of all available telephone numbers, a centralized view of all countries, and a full record of orders placed. It is a fully automated digital process, from order to cease."
Large operator - Colt Technology Services

Check our Shared Cost Services coverage here

Consult our coverage overview to see in which countries we offer these numbers. Please contact us for more information or if the country you are looking for is not listed.

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