Country specific regulatory frameworks for electronic communications are series of rules, which apply within specific countries or within the EU. They improve the functioning of the market and guarantee basic user rights. The overall goal is for end-users to be able to benefit from an increased choice, thanks to high quality and innovative services.

Gathering the knowledge to apply these rules across your business is a very costly and complex business. Especially when your business extends to multiple countries across the globe. Through the years, Telserv has built up extensive experience with a range of diverse regulations per country. One of the unique services we offer our customers as part of our solutions, is the freely available database of regulations per product and per country.

Our partners can therefore precisely indicate to their customers what is, or what is not, possible within the regulations for a specific country. This prevents disappointment for the customer and leads the way in maximizing success for our partner!

We make this accumulated wealth of information on laws and regulations freely available to our customers. This means, for example, that resellers can also, in their turn, optimally serve their customers. No more need to search your way in an unknown country, we will point you the way and help you launch your services.

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Is any local regulation you need unclear or not available? Simply let us know and we will find it for you.

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Global regulations matrix

Telserv offers you a complete overview of regulations in all countries available.