One interconnect for coverage in 145+ countries

Telserv is your partner for all virtual numbers globally!

We are able to support you in delivering DID, Mobile, Toll-Free, UIFN, Premium Rate - and Shared Cost number solutions in more than 145 countries worldwide!

We aim to provide you with the solutions and knowledge that fulfil your wants and needs at the right price. Our knowledgeable and professional staff will help you to inspire, educate and help you solve your problems and challenges.

That’s right. In more than 145 countries.

We have direct interconnections with local operators and/or incumbents in most countries. Plus, we often provide interconnections with multiple operators per country. As a result, far-reaching solutions are possible and we can seamlessly align our service package to your needs.

Our vendor management policies will ensure you of the best of breed solutions at all times!

Telserv has been a specialist in the international voice market for over 18 years and is serving partners in EMEA, APAC and the Americas. We are offering you solutions from 145+ countries based on Toll-Free, DIDs, Mobile and Revenue Share numbers.


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