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We offer you a global coverage. More than 145 countries at your fingertips to support your business globally!

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No need for complex set ups or implementation projects. TelServ will support you, connecting in more than 145 countries!

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Highly experienced, reliable customisation, full service, clear communication and above all: transparent conditions.

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TelServ is ready to support you in your ambitions whether you want to streamline the business or expand globally. Our platform enables you to start today!

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NumbersOnline is a real time platform that delivers numbers in 145+ countries. This highly innovative platform is built on compliance guarantees and anti fraud capabilities to support your business globally!

Be in full control and serve your customers 24/7 without having to wait for providers. With instant processing of your request, you will increase customer satisfaction, optimize your processes and boost revenues.

Our Management Dashboard provides you with accurate management information and enables you to monitor and report on real time data.


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TelServ especially serves carriers and resellers in the telecom market. We don’t facilitate end-users. Why? Because we are convinced that you – as a carrier or reseller – have the experience and expertise needed to service this group of clients. And last but not least, we don't want to compete with you.

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We don’t talk about our clients, their turnovers or their volumes.

We don’t talk about our clients, their turnovers or their volumes.