Full API set available

Telserv offers a complete set of API’s (Application Programming Interfaces), which enables our partners to automate the ordering and configuring of Telserv numbers (DID, Toll-Free, Premium Rate, Shared Cost).

We will set you up for an API account and direct you to the page with all the necessary documentation and our sandbox environment.

The API sandbox is an isolated testing environment that allows developers to test their integration with Telserv’s API without any risk. In the sandbox, you can order virtual numbers, add virtual money to your business account and modify the configuration of your virtual numbers. The sandbox is only available for customers with an API-enabled account.

In-depth technical documentation for developers including examples have been made available. Our documentation continuously evolves. Please check regularly for the latest versions.

Start making use of the Telserv API stack today!

Register for a free account through our Sales Office to obtain the API key.

"Our services reach more than 200,000 SMBs and Enterprises via our extensive channel partner network. Together iBasis and Telserv offered us the perfect mix in terms of scale, speed and quality to meet our dynamic growth and strategic initiatives in the programmable telco space."
David Walsh, CEO - Voip Innovations