Two Way Voice numbers (Unified Communications)

Unified Communication numbers or two-way voice offers you the ability to make local and international calls, have access to emergency services and number portability.

Telserv offers you the possibility to be connected to a single vendor through a single SIP connection into our Global Voice Network. With Telserv there is no need for country-specific configurations.

Telserv offers you the ability to fully replicate the voice functionality of PSTN through its Cloud platform

Check out our coverage below for the latest availability of our services and features.

If you are interested in using our UC (Two Way Voice) services, please contact our Sales Office for the details.

"We are excited to work closely with Telserv which is uniquely positioned in the growing numbering market, offering a very complete and very efficient cloud numbering platform with full API capabilities. They have a very high standard of quality and customer service, same as ours. We also share the same fast and nimble approach that our customers requires.""
Edwin van Ierland, Global Sales Officer - iBasis, a Tofane Company

Check out our UC numbers (Two Way Voice) coverage below

Consult our overview to see which countries Telserv covers for DID numbers. Please contact us for more information or if the country you are looking for is not listed.

Albania Albania
Angola Angola
Argentina Argentina
Australia Australia
Austria Austria
Belgium Belgium
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina
Brazil Brazil
Bulgaria Bulgaria
Cambodia Cambodia
Canada Canada
Chile Chile
China China
Colombia Colombia
Costa Rica Costa Rica
Croatia Croatia
Cyprus Cyprus
Czech Republic Czech Republic
Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
Ecuador Ecuador
El Salvador El Salvador
Finland Finland
France France
Georgia Georgia
Germany Germany
Greece Greece
Hong Kong Hong Kong
Hungary Hungary
Indonesia Indonesia
Ireland Ireland
Israel Israel
Italy Italy
Japan Japan
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
Kenya Kenya
Latvia Latvia
Lithuania Lithuania
Luxembourg Luxembourg
Macedonia, Republic of Macedonia, Republic of
Malta Malta
Mexico Mexico
Montenegro Montenegro
Netherlands Netherlands
New Zealand New Zealand
Norway Norway
Panama Panama
Peru Peru
Philippines Philippines
Poland Poland
Portugal Portugal
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
Russian Federation Russian Federation
Serbia Serbia
Singapore Singapore
Slovakia Slovakia
Slovenia Slovenia
South Africa South Africa
Sweden Sweden
Turkey Turkey
Ukraine Ukraine
United Kingdom United Kingdom
United States United States
Uzbekistan Uzbekistan
Zimbabwe Zimbabwe
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