Global Voice Network

The Global Voice Network is a truly global network which enables organisations to connect with TelServ easily in 21 countries and 153 datacenters around the globe.

As a global provider, Telserv is always evaluating where it can improve and deliver high quality solutions for its customers.The Global Voice Network is developed to change the way companies connect in the Telecoms sector. This highly innovative and federated network enables our customers to connect their networks to all Telecom networks around the world with ONE single connection!

With 153 datacenters across the globe, the Telserv Global Voice Network provides Telserv's customers with secure, simple and direct access to a global ecosystem of termination networks, cloud infrastructure providers, SaaS providers, software partners and many others.

The Global Voice Network is the foundation of the Telserv number management cloud platform, On Telserv's cloud portal, our customers are able to buy, route and service their virtual numbers globally. Supported by Telserv's Regulation matrix and Porting Services, Telserv offers you a single, all included experience, taking away all complexity.

ONE connection, 145+ countries!

Making use of the Telserv Global Voice Network enables you to connect to 145+ countries through ONE interconnect!

"With Telserv, we are able to deliver our solutions in new markets effortlessly"
Operator in multiple countries - Europe

Global coverage

The Telserv Global Voice Network is connected to all major operators around the world.

Contact us to discuss possibilities to connect to the Global Voice Network in one or more of our 153 locations worldwide!