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The Telecom industry is a very dynamic market. Our partners – Telcos, Resellers and Micropayment companies – need to focus on optimizing revenue and investments constantly. All whilst delivering high end solutions to their end customers. Telserv offers operational excellence and has a strong focus on partners. We do not serve end customers.

Telserv will help you to optimize your business. As a highly specialized partner, we offer the possibility to outsource complex aspects of your business to us. As a market leader, we have the knowledge and experience to add value to your proposition, while being very cost effective.

Imagine your enterprise customer, a multinational company with offices in several parts of the world, serving customers in dozens of countries worldwide. It’s quite straightforward for this company to find a single service provider for its ERP system, datacenters, etc.: there’s a good range of global IT service providers to choose from.

But when it comes to something as seemingly straightforward as having a local telephone number for the company’s customers to call, wherever in the world they are, it’s not nearly so easy to find a single provider — unless the company finds you supported by Telserv.

Executive Management

Meet Telserv’s Executive Management team: Marco Dunhof and Johan van der Lijcke

Both Executive Management members are seasoned industry executives with a business oriented and engineering background, particularly in the global telecom markets. Leading Telserv’s worldwide growth and innovation initiatives, the Executive members have been central to the company’s success positioning Telserv into the global Telecoms market.

Each individual Executive member has a track record of success that spans over twenty years and will contribute daily on further developing and realizing Telserv’s strategy.

Numbers solutions in more than 145 countries

We are able to support you in delivering number solutions – DIDs, Toll-Free and PRS – in more than 145 countries worldwide. As part of our services portfolio, we also offer our knowledge and experience through our regulation- and porting services, to complete your proposition!


To deliver our services, we have direct interconnections with local operators and/or incumbents available in most countries. We also often provide interconnections with multiple operators per country. As a result, far-reaching solutions are possible and we can seamlessly align our service package to your needs.

Telserv portal

As part of our high quality services, we offer an innovative and state of the art portal to support you in your needs to grow your business instantly! This portal streamlines delivering number solutions through your organization towards your partners and customers and will support your organization in increasing your revenues!

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DIDs and Toll-Free numbers for Albania

At Telserv, we continue to expand our coverage on a daily basis and we strive to keep you updated with the latest coverage and pricing changes. We are very pleased to announce that Telserv has expanded its coverage with DIDs and Toll-Free numbers for Albania

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Meet with Telserv

Telserv is inviting you to schedule a meeting at Capacity Europe 2018, on October 22-25, in London, with our executives in our private meeting room. Just let us know and contact us!

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