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Our head office in Amersfoort

The Telecom industry is a very dynamic market. Our partners – Telcos, Resellers and Micropayment companies – need to focus on optimizing revenue and investments constantly. All whilst delivering high end solutions to their end customers. TelServ offers operational excellence and has a strong focus on partners. We do not serve end customers.

TelServ will help you to optimize your business. As a highly specialized partner, we offer the possibility to outsource complex aspects of your business to us. As a market leader, we have the knowledge and experience to add value to your proposition, while being very cost effective.

We are able to support you in delivering number solutions – DIDs, Toll-Free and PRS – in more than 145 countries worldwide. As part of our services portfolio, we also offer our knowledge and experience through our regulation- and porting services, to complete your proposition!

To deliver our services, we have direct interconnections with local operators and/or incumbents available in most countries. We also often provide interconnections with multiple operators per country. As a result, far-reaching solutions are possible and we can seamlessly align our service package to your needs.

As part of our high quality services, we offer an innovative and state of the art platform – NumbersOnline. This platform streamlines delivering number solutions through your organization towards your partners and customers.