Dear partner,

ITW 2017 was a great event! The agenda was packed with strong speakers and the attendance was high as usual. Almost 7000 attendees from over 140 countries! This is as strong as TelServ’s portfolio in 145+ countries!

For TelServ, it was a big success again! After last year’s event, we did not expect it could be any better, but we were wrong!

We had the chance to meet in person with hundreds of you and discuss joint opportunities, the business we are in and all other interesting items. We also showcased our new company video to support our message and we are highly satisfied with the feedback we received on that. This was a great experience!

Record event!

The ITW 2017 was a record event for TelServ! TelServ handed out over 1.000 complementary miniature drones and a full-size drone for the winner of the Passport Challenge, organized because of the 10th anniversary of the ITW.

Headline sponsor for the Passport Challenge

ITW - Winner droneAs TelServ has been a strong supporter for the ITW, TelServ acted as headline sponsor for the Passport Challenge, which was great! Supporting all the participants in the collection of stamps to win a full-size drone, is something different. That is why TelServ decided to let all of the participants meet with our hostesses to make sure they would get a personal thank you! The feedback we received on this personal approach was the best we could imagine!


Through NumbersOnline, our strategic portal, we have been able to support hundreds of partners creating additional opportunities or exploring new markets already. NumbersOnline has a great coverage in number of countries and has a wide portfolio offered through the strong User interface or through exposing our API set.

Global Voice Network

Although we already have an extensive coverage and network, TelServ keeps investing in expanding our list of available countries, available cities in a country and to excel in our performance through expanding our Global Voice Network. In our meetings, we found that all of you are supporting and appreciating this growth. That is why TelServ has decided to create even more access points around the world!

I hope you had a successful event too and a safe and pleasant journey back home. We hope you have been able to fully make use of our complimentary drone in the mean time! We have received great feedback from our customers globally, so if you have stories and photos to share, it would be appreciated!

We are looking forward to building a joint future! If there is anything we can do, please contact us through your account manager of our Inside Sales Office.


With the kindest regards,

The Executive team

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