Toll-Free numbers allow callers from anywhere in the world to reach your business, without being charged for the call. It gives businesses a global presence, but without the cost of establishing an actual office.

Toll-Free numbers

Also known as Freephone – 800 numbers – Freecall – ITFS – International Freephone.

TelServ offers Toll-Free Numbers worldwide. These numbers are a customer friendly and service-oriented way to let your (potential) clients reach you. Since a Toll-Free number is always free for the caller, it will stimulate your relations to get in touch more quickly. A Toll-Free number is perfectly suitable for requesting information, customer services, or promotional activities.

Universal International Toll-Free

Also known as UIFN - 00800 numbers - Universal International Freephone - Universal International Freephone Number.

An Universal International Freephone Number (UIFN) enables people to call one particular number within various countries. The only difference in the Universal numbers in different countries is the country code of the country you are calling from. For example: calling from Russia = 810 800 123456, calling from the United Kingdom = 00 800 123456, etc.

We can offer you our Toll-Free numbers worldwide. Download our coverage overview below to see in which countries we offer these numbers. Please contact us for more information or if the country you are looking for is not listed.

Download our coverage overview here