Telserv now is a fully independent, manager owned business

Telserv is proud to announce that the current members of the Executive Management team have obtained all shares in the company, which will kick off further professionalizing the organisation.

The strategy of Telserv is to deliver a broad portfolio, combined with quality services based on competitive rates. To be able to execute on that strategy, the Executive Management was convinced that a strong focus was needed. Therefor the Executive Management decided to purchase all shares from Vincent Peek, who, after stepping down as CEO early 2017, was the third shareholder. After the acquisition of these shares, all shares are present within the current Executive Management team.

Marco Dunhof, Chief Strategy Officer at Telserv, said: “We are now wholly owned by people working in the business. People who live and breathe telecoms, who truly understand the objectives and challenges our clients have, that we have and that the industry has. We are now entirely free to decide our own strategic objectives. This is great news for the team, our clients and our partners.

Johan van der Lijcke, Chief Operations Officer at Telserv, said: “This is a pivotal and hugely exciting time for the team. Obtaining all shares in the company demonstrates our long term commitment to Telserv and to our clients. We have, over the last few years, been building a business with longevity – this being entirely consistent with delivering quality services.”

The strategy of Telserv will now be further deployed by further professionalizing and restructuring the organisation, while expanding on additional services, such as Mobile numbers, SIP Trunking and more, and growing the Global Voice Network by Telserv.