New rate sheets available for 2019 

One of the greatest joys of this season is the opportunity to start the new year with informing you on our journey for 2019.

As global provider and market leader for number solutions and services in more than 145 countries, Telserv is always focused and investing in expanding its services portfolio and delivering the best service possible to its customers. Where possible, Telserv is evaluating where it can improve and expand every day of the year. This attitude will enable us to deliver high quality solutions which will contribute to the high level of Operational Excellence.

As you probably know, Telserv has defined a clear strategy and as a result of that, our business is growing considerably. This quarter, Telserv will launch the Unified Communications (UC, UCAAS or PSTN replacement) numbers proposition in more than 30 countries in the European, Asian, South and North America regions and we will expand our portfolio with Mobile numbers which are SMS enabled for inbound and outbound.

To complete our proposition even more, we have evaluated our most trustworthy partners and suppliers and will expand the list further the coming weeks and months. In the last months we have expanded on our coverage with more Tier 1 interconnects and have invested in brand-new Main POP’s in New York and Hong Kong and will be expanding soon with a major list of additional POP’s globally to expand our Global Voice Network.

Our API Driven Platform has been expanded even more, which made it possible to create better offerings and adjust the rates and create a high number of improvements! We have prepared new rate sheets for you, which you can download through the portal as of today!

When evaluating your new rate sheets, we are very confident that you will find additional opportunities we can work on! You can order the numbers direct through the portal or contact us in case of questions.

We are looking forward on building more business together in 2019!